The most commonly traded precious metals are gold and silver respectively. Given the increased volatility over the past years, financial analysts are paying more attention to both commodities, especially as gold continues its near decade bull run.

Prime Whale offers clients the ability to take advantage of the precious metals market by offering spot gold and silver trading on a 24 hour basis.

Why Consider Trading Precious Metals?

The “Gloom and Doom” Hedge – With many predicting another major stock market crash, it makes sense to have some exposure to this asset class which generally serves as a hedge for scary times. Historically the largest runs in gold and silver have been accompanied by market busts.

Lower Daily Volatility than FX – Precious metals are an excellent play for less experienced investors or those who aren’t comfortable with massive account swings. Daily fluctuations are far less than forex pairs and generally lower leverage means less potential risk.

The Talk of the Market – There is massive speculation about global central banks shifting reserves away from the dollar and into precious metals. Given the many reasons for panic in the market, further volatility is expected in precious metals in the years to come.

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