Introducing Brokers / Affiliate

Become a Prime Whale Partner Today and Experience the Difference!

Prime Whale’s Introducing Program is an excellent opportunity to either start your own FX brokerage business or to simply earn additional revenue. If you are completely new to trading, that’s perfectly fine since no prior experience is required. What’s most important for us is to understand your business plan so we can determine how best to assist you. Why partner with us? Prime Whale partners enjoy competitive compensation on a structure that is set to reward growth.

Country Manager / Regional Manager Opportunities

Although our firm has a global presence, we cannot cover each and every part of the world. For this reason we are always looking for region and country managers who wish to represent our global standard. Regional managers have the opportunity to take advantage of our company namesake, promotional materials, technology and banking services to name just a few benefits. We only believe in a partnership that is mutually beneficial for both parties which is why we do everything in our power to help our clients succeed.

Friends & Family Program

The Prime Whale Friends & Family program is designed for those who may not have the time or resources needed to become a full time introducing broker / affiliate partner. The idea behind this program is simple: tell your co-workers, friends, or family about the positive experience you’ve had at Prime Whale and receive a bonus for each account referred. There is no benchmark or quota to participate in the program, and you can receive a bonus even if only a couple of accounts are referred over.