Indices are the plural for index, which is simply a basket or collection of stocks. Indices are often used to represent the economic performance of the country or region it represents. For example, the UK FTSE 100 is an index comprised of the top 100 publicly traded stocks in the United Kingdom. If this index increases in value over time, one could conclude that the country’s economy tends to be growing.

At Prime Whale, traders have the opportunity to speculate on some of the major global indices around the world. From Asia to Europe all the way to the US, we cover the major market indices that hedge funds managers follow and financial pundits discuss on popular programs like Bloomberg news or MSNBC.

Advantages to Trading Indices CFDs with Prime Whale:

Short Selling – The majority of stock brokerages prohibit short selling due to the negative impact it can have on the market. When trading a CFD, however, this restriction need not apply. For this reason, traders are able to go “long” or “short” any index just as they would a currency pair.

Global Exposure – In a single platform, Prime Whale clients will be able to speculate on a global array of indices. We offer the most liquid and popularly traded indices so you’ll never miss out on the latest market activity. This also means you have the ability to trade on a time zone that’s comfortable for you since indices as a whole are trading around the clock.

Leverage & Automation – Our award winning MT4 software allows Prime Whale clients to develop a variety of algorithmic trading strategies which can be applied to indices, an opportunity previously reserved for major banks and hedge funds. Additionally, the generous leverage offered by Prime Whale is better than what could be found at any traditional stock brokerage firm, allowing traders more control over their strategies and trading.

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