Our Mission

Prime Whale has grown over the years to become a market leader in online foreign exchange and CFD trading. Our mission is to deliver VIP level service and trading execution to all participants of the market without a sacrifice in the standard of quality we’ve established for ourselves. Whether you are a new trader just starting off or an experienced hedge fund manager / institutional investor, you’ll soon be happy you discovered the myriad of services available to Prime Whale clients.

A Forex Market Leader

Prime Whale is a leading provider of the global services including trading, educational and market research for the retail and institutional traders.

Prime Whale advantages

Trade with Prime Whale’s award winning MT4 platform and enjoy the advantages of MetaTrader mobile trading, with more than 80 trading products, one click order executions, and incredible orders execution speeds. The heart of our business is a combination of customer support which we bring to perfection through implementation of state of art technologies and our staff’s dedication and fair and transparent trading conditions.

Our large pool of liquidity, transferred to us from leading liquidity providers, including prime brokers, international banks and other financial institutions, allows us to provide our clients competitive spreads on all majors on a regular basis.

Prime Whale will always provide you with the best market prices, and nothing else. When placing a trade, Prime Whale executions will always be the best available prices. With only raw market spreads displayed, Prime Whale’s provides traders with transparent commission on their trade book. Hence, as a trader you will be able to separately monitor commissions paid outside of the spread which guarantees you maximum transparency.

Managed Accounts - A Unique Investment Opportunity

Prime Whale has leveraged its experience and market knowledge to deliver a unique product to our base of clients, both new and existing. Our managed accounts program offers several advantages to investors. First, the daily and quarterly trends of the foreign exchange market are not directly correlated to stock market performance. In fact, some of the biggest movements in the foreign exchange market happen during bear markets in stocks.

Secondly, the FX market offers leverage not found with other trading products such as futures or shares, increasing opportunities for investors looking for higher levels of performance. Finally, those who have busy schedules but wish to receive exposure in the fx market have the unique opportunity to engage in our manage funds program. To learn more about our managed accounts, don’t hesitate to contact us.